14 August 2009

Dispatches from Israel/Palestine - Epiphany Realised

`Why use the term “epiphany” to describe that I finally “Got it!” It was all right in front of me, I just couldn’t understand it until three things happened. One person told me that there was a war in 1967, the Jordanians lost, and the people in East Jerusalem have had 42 years to prepare for “eminent domain,” the right of the government to seize property – a right that all governments worldwide practice.

Another person explained the following:

‘You ask a good question which warrants an answer beyond 140(?). We were the nation of Israel before we were ever known as "the Jewish people." Yes, we practice a religion that is the root of Western civilization, but we are not simply a religion. Jews have always been a nation. We were liberated as a nation from Egyptian slavery, we received the Torah on Mount Sinai as a nation, and we entered the land that G-d chose for us as a nation. In the year 70 C.E., (C.E.???) our Holy Temple was destroyed and we were banished from our land. King G-d banished his prince, the nation of Israel, from the palace. Since then, we have been praying three times a day, everyday, to return. Furthermore, we knew from the prophecy in the Tanah (known as the Old Testament to Christians) that we would indeed return. The nation of Israel would once again have sovereignty over the land of Israel, and one day, our Holy Temple would will also be rebuilt. The independence of 1948 was like the King allowing the prince back to the palace—on a trial basis. Borders were indefensible, economy and infrastructure were weak, the newly gathered exiles held their collective breath to see if our nation would be allowed to stay permanently. The answer from came in 1967, when in six days our nation defeated the entire Arab world, and increased our hold on our Promised Land to include defensible borders.

Life is sacred, and we Israelis have no joy in seeing the stateless Arabs suffer at the hands of terrorist leaders. These Islamic zealots teach five year olds on children's TV that the highest goal in life is to kill Jews. They have Mickey Mouse knockoffs telling children to shed their blood in defiance of the Jews. Regardless, we try to help these Arabs held hostage in camps by the terrorists. We try to help them while at the same time asserting our G-d given right to our Holy Land. In a long answer to your short question - yes, it's worth it.

Let me digress for a moment—I asked a question on Twitter: why a piece of Germany was not cut-out as part of post WWII reparations to create a country where European Jews could go and live in peace. I did some research prior to asking this question and discovered that there were approximately 9 million Jews living in Europe, not counting those living in Russia. These Jews were living their lives, just as those around them did, working in all walks of life. Some were very rich while others were very poor. In Romania, 600,000 Jews lived in Bucharest and Iasi , the latter being the Jewish cultural epicenter of Romania. Similar populations of Jews lived in Saloaniki, now called Thessaloniki, Greece. We all know that there were large populations of Jews living in Germany, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, France and the list goes on. These Jews may have considered Israel the promised land but they lived lives wherever they were, which was likely where their parents, grandparents and previous generations all lived. They were as tied to their homes as their non-Jewish neighbours. So if there was a trickle of a migration of Jews from Europe and Eastern Europe to Israel, but not a mass migration, then I can move to the next point. A terrible pogrom befell upon these same Jews of Europe and Eastern Europe n the form of Adolf Hitler and his ill-conceived desire to solve the Jewish problem. [Your time sequence is hard to follow; you start out talking about post WWII and now we’re in the middle of Hitler? What happened to the Jews between 1935 and 1945 sands as one of the greatest crimes against humanity alongside similar strategic pogroms in Russia, Cambodia, Sudan and Rwanda, to name just a few. In 1945, as the world realized what took place in the death camps, the United Nations was created and the world devised a c plan of reconciliation of sorts, and used the previous “contract” put forth in the Balfour Declaration. Palestine would become a Jewish state which would welcome all Jews seeking protection against persecution. In 1949 the Nationalist Chinese left their last threshold of land in Mainland China and moved to Taiwan where they too created a haven for Chinese seeking a “safe port.” Except for religion as a prerequisite to entering a country, these two migrations bare a lot of similarities.

The trump card came from my Twitter friend who provided the religious imperative explanation, for why Palestine was the “Promised Land” and his explanation is stated above.

A light bulb went off. I am not a religious person, so I cannot appreciate the fact that a religion can have as one of its tenets a promised land. That for thousands of years, the Jews, had a mandate of ownership of a land called Palestine and Israel throughout history. There was no need to carve out any land within post-World War II Europe because there already was a land which belonged to each Jew living throughout the world and in 1945, it was a protectorate of the British government called Palestine. Jews made their voyages to Israel and the book Exodus describes these journeys. British opposition to the migration of Jews to Israel eventually evaporated as bridges, trains, buildings and eventually humans were bombed and killed in the name of statehood. Eventually the state of Israel was granted its sovereign status as a country when the United Nations voted on the issue and immediately created a safe haven for Jews; concurrently that same UN decision created the Palestinian issue.

There are UN camps for displaced Palestinians still standing to this day, nearly 62 years later. A temporary situation lasting 6 months or less often becomes permanent. Lay on top of this the Six-Day War in 1967 and you have a victor and a loser. The latter group has never ever been fully capable of organizing itself into a viable governmental and national body, perhaps due in part to the way Israel has co-opted its way of life, and also its own inability to come to terms which each other and share a common goal of statehood and how that should be accomplished. Look at the West Bank versus Gaza saga and it is clear that two tribes cannot agree with each other enough to establish one strong government, and instead are handicapped by two weak institutions vying for power.

Since my arrival six weeks ago and inculcation into all things Israeli and Palestinian, I have been looking for a complex answer when, in fact, it was simple; I just didn’t have the religious understanding to see it. The Jews are Israel and Israel represents Jews worldwide. End of the story. But is it really the end of the story? Religiosity is as individual and personal as the way in which a person subscribes to and interprets a religion. Furthermore, it creates a concept of religious relativism—each person must, by definition, be as correct in his interpretation of his religion as the next person.. The only way to win the game of religious relativism is through disseminating the “proper message,” collecting adherents and controlling a large swath of public opinion. This is the case, for example, with the religious right in America which seeks to convince me that abortions are against the will of God and that, unless I accept Jesus as my Savior, I end up in Hell.

In Israel, the reason Israelis are able to take away the homes of the residents who lived here prior to the creation of Israel as a nation-state is that this is a promised land. Unless you are Jewish, the land underneath your house does not belong to you. It is that simple. Add to that that Israel defeated the Arab armies in 1967 and won back the rest of the promised land. Islam offers that unless one is Muslim, one is an infidel. An infidel’s life is unimportant than a Muslim’s. It is not the individual Muslim who believes that my life is less important, instead it is the larger driving force, lead by the leaders which have the largest followings. Christians killed Muslims and Jews alike during the Crusades. Muslims killed Orthodox Christians and Jews as they marched forward with their expansion. Throughout time,the cult of religion has been a driving force behind the deaths of millions of people worldwide. It is the oldest struggle in man’s short history on Earth.

The Johnny Nash lyric I can see clearly now the rain is gone describes my enlightenment at this point in time. As long as religion is wielded to subjugate , there will never be a peace.


Birte Edwards said...

Your description is first and foremost a description of a journey into understanding, yourself and the place you just visited.

The explanations you received have great validity. However, your conclusion that Israel is powered through religion is somewhat misleading. Yes, our yearning has been based in religion, but the establishment of Israel and the country it has become, is not on the background of religion.

The issues are complicated, and religion is involved, but from the Israeli side it is not the main basis for being here.

IsraeliMom said...

Hmmm it's one way to look at it, but a bit too simplistic, IMHO.
Those Palestinian families were not evicted because "God gave the country to Jews". They were evicted because of a twisted turn of historical affairs that lent the house as the property of two different families.
I still refuse to see this house as a sign of some major "ethnic cleansing" issue - when it's clear to me that this is an isolated case.
Will some Jewish extremists want to see all Palestinians removed from Jerusalem - of course. But that is not what made the court rule like it did. And it won't affect the hundreds of thousands of other Palestinian families living in E. Jerusalem.

steve said...

It's actually almost impossible to imagine that religion has led us to here. I agree with much of what you say - there are certainly Jews in Israel (and probably especially in the US with a Hollywood sensibility) who deem their "return" and the trials they endured and overcame to be a complete circle as reflected in Scripture. What stuns me, however, is the post-Enlightenment animism to all this - which I feel are generated by a media that is all-encompassing and voracious. McChuhan-esque, if you will. The medium being the message. Now, to generate insanity, you merely have to be the one with The Voice. Like Twain said: "A lie travels halfway around the world by the time the Truth gets its shoes on."

I think it is an adjustment which returns us about 2,000 years, demanding us to grow into the maturity we could not grasp at that time. Understanding that religion is a gift of soul and is inevitable. As psychologists would say, religion was a projection at that time of our hopes while living in an unfair and often miserably hard-working world.

The media highlight the hot-selling religion issue like they do sexuality as if we were there again and all the old divisions have resurfaced, replete with war and hard- headedness. The imminent dangers of adultery, envy and warfare - crude alignments with the more far out precepts and the inadequacies of Old Testament thinking dominate and plea for further understanding. I think the festering sore which is this conflict absolutely had to be created by the United Nations - and the quest, now, is for an understanding of what Peace actually means - as a planetary value. So far, it has not played much of a role, has it? The most elusive concept of them all turns out to be religion's most cogent but mysterious recipe - how to find peace in this world, individually and socially.

TrnsplantdToPal said...

Hmmm...I think I have to agree with Israelimom here that it's a little bit simplistic. From there I will take the opposite line from her and say that this is, without a doubt, ethnic cleansing and the case she refers to is not isolated and individual but one event (this time caught be the media) in a long ongoing list of related events and circumstances.

I would like to point out that "believing" Jews and Christians are not included in the Muslim concept of "infidels". You are, as you are an atheist ( :) ) but the concept is not applicable here. Also, it is worth pointing out that throughout Muslim expansion, Jews and Christians were given much better circumstances than under the Crusader rule. One good book that highlights this concept is "The Crusades Through Arab Eyes" by Amin Maalouf (who's a Christian, by the way...if that matters).

But I digress...I think you are right on in coming to the conclusion that through this lens (that of religion), this conflict is infinite and without resolution. Few Israelis and even fewer Palestinians (please stop calling the "Arabs", everyone!)see it strictly in those terms.

Maybe others can speak to the Israeli position more, but as for the Palestinian side, in my experience, most view it as a human rights issue. Daily their rights are denied, and they want them back. Name a "god-given" (or UN-granted, if you prefer) human right and I can find you a case in Palestine where that right has been denied to the people here. Palestinians constantly say that all they ask is for international law and UN resolutions to be implemented.

I hope there is something in this that makes sense to you. We can talk about it more. Thanks for writing. I'm glad you're here. I hope that the understanding you've reached this week will spread and expand as you discover more truths about the occupation here.

Glenn Strachan said...

As the author of this piece I do appreciate the feedback. First, I refer to Transplanted2Palestine specifically to her line Few Israelis and even fewer Palestinians (please stop calling the "Arabs", everyone!)see it strictly in those terms. I have used the term Arabs because my group - the group with which I work - appears to differentiate themselves from Arabs leaving the term for those people who are Christian as in Arab Christians and Arab Israeli's. I hear the Israelis use this term as well. I was on a ride back from the Dead Sea and the driver referred to an Israeli Arab village. He also took great pains to stop along the way and show us where the MUSLIMS had killed Israelis. We stopped at 5 different points. I think this happened because he overheard me saying to someone that I worked in Ramallah. He did not say goodbye to me when I left which was a clear sign that he was upset with me. I suppose I made it worse by explaining to my adjacent seat mates some of the ways in which Israel is impeding the daily life of Palestinians. My piece must make some sense since I seem to have hit right down the middle on this one making no one happy which is further evidence of the veracity of my epiphany.

Adam said...

I am honored that Glenn found my words worthy of inclusion in his blog.

Just to clear up the question marks -

I was responding to a question on Twitter - beyond "140" means more than the 140 character limit on Twitter.

I mentioned the year 70 CE - Jews and many religious scholars today use BCE - Before the Common Era, and CE - Common Era, instead of BC and AD. BC/AD are Christian terms. While we all use the Gregorian calendar with its years numbering from the birth of JC, we choose to use Common Era instead of Anno Domini - year of our Lord, b/c simply stated he's not our Lord. (With no offense to any Christian).

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